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Hedges & Co offers an array of Bespoke services for our clients based in and around Beverley, and nationally. Please click below to find out more information about some of the services we offer. For more specific information, please contact us.

“We’ll advise on what needs reporting and what doesn’t, and make sure your self-assessment report means you’re paying the right amount of tax” 

Here at Hedges & Co we take away the hassle of dealing with taxes by providing a personal service tailored to your individual needs.

We will:
– email you after the 6th of April, detailing in a simplified manner the information we require
– send out reminder emails during the year for those we haven’t received
– prepare your tax return, whilst ensuring that you comply with HMRC regulations, and identify any expenses or tax relief you may be entitled to reduce any tax liability 
– file your return to HMRC before the deadline, providing we receive the information in a timely manner

“Having a team that specialise in broad range of accounting software’s, this enables us to set each of our clients up with the most appropriate software to meet the needs of their business.” 

We will:
– offer an initial consultation to ensure the most suitable cloud accounting software for your business is chosen

– ensure you and your staff have sufficient training so that you can use the software to its full potential
– dependant on the software chosen, reports can be tailored to you to meet the specific needs of the business and to assist with any managerial decisions

“Employing staff exposes businesses to further tax responsibilities, we’ll help you with the calculations, costs, and deadlines” 

Ensuring your staff are paid correctly and on time is one of the most important parts of running your business, as without your staff you have no business.

As payroll is becoming increasingly more complex due to changes in taxation and employment legislation it can be a significant drain on your resources.

We at Hedges & Co have an experienced team who can provide payroll services to any sized business to remove any headache and ensure your staff are paid correctly.

We will:
– prepare your payroll as frequently as you wish
– act as your agent, dealing with any PAYE queries from HMRC
– update you on any changes in legislation
– use fully RTI compliant software
– comply with GDPR rules ensuring any payroll data shared is password protected

“Forming a new business is exciting but can be very complex, we take the complexity away and work together with you to help your start up grow and succeed” 

Our Services for business start-ups include:
– advising on the most suitable structure for your company (Ltd company, LLP, Partnership or Sole-Trader)
– filing all necessary registration forms
– VAT registration
– PAYE Scheme registration
– advising on accounting system best suited for your business

“Bookkeeping is the recording of the day to day financial transaction of the business; it is vital for any business to keep their books up to date to ensure financial information can be used accurately and efficiently” 

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to us not only allows you to focus on the running of your business but also has the following benefits:

– enables us to advise on the most appropriate bookkeeping software for your business
– gives you peace of mind that any management information reports can be relied upon due to the information being inputted by an accountant with years of experience
– reduce any discrepancies being found during any HMRC investigations
– allows us to provide tax planning advice to reduce any tax liabilities in advance of any period ends

“VAT is only of the most complex UK taxes, ensuring you are up to date with current legislation is imperative” 

Our dedicated VAT specialists can:
– advise on when to register for VAT.
– advise on the different VAT schemes that are available and which would be most suited to you
– assist with the preparation and submission of your VAT returns
– deal with a VAT Inspection so that it is as painless as possible

“We don’t just prepare your year end accounts and submit them to Companies House; we help you better understand where the company’s financials are going and how to make improvements to grow your business” 

Our prices are very competitive as we tailor the package to meet your needs.

Regardless of the size of the company we will:
– reduce tax liabilities by ensuring all tax opportunities and reliefs have been applied.
– ensure deadlines are met.
– prepare your accounts In accordance with the most appropriate reporting standard.
– deal with HMRC and companies house on your behalf to enable you to concentrate on running your business.
– arrange a meeting with you to discuss the year end accounts making suggestions for any managerial decisions which may need to be made to grow your business

“For the success of any business, regular and reliable management accountants are essential” 

Management accounts differ to year end accounts as they can be reviewed month to month to enable effective decisions to be made during the year as appose to after.

We at Hedges & Co work closely with all of our clients to tailor their cloud software reports to provide instant management information which allows the business owner to take strategic decisions at the correct time.

For those business owners who outsource their book keeping, we can prepare management accounts upon the request of our client.